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Tuesday, January 16 2024

Caracole Director of Product Development Christopher Sandomenico elaborates on this season’s surprising and innovative use of materials and finishes to create an old-world yet contemporary design aesthetic.

Join Christopher Sandomenico as he elaborates on the latest designs and material applications.

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This parsons-style dining table draws the eye with an abstracted pattern on top in a mix of dyed tupelo and eucalyptus veneers. The subtle difference in wood tones and contrasting grains are pieced together in a way that creates an image that appears to change, depending on your perspective; in other words, leaving its interpretation to the viewer.
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“When an unexpected mix of materials and finishes works together, it creates an aha-moment and a story.”

The materials that we chose for this collection have an old-world feel; a nod toward antiquity, but the way in which they are presented on individual pieces has a fresh, contemporary feel.

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