Walking into a room with Caracole furnishings is an experience like no other. There’s just something about Caracole style—a certain je ne sais quoi—that evokes emotion and imparts joy. Here’s why Ah-Ha Moments are one of our favorite things about the brand. In fact, the topic is one of 10 X-Factors we’re celebrating this year as part of our 10th Anniversary.

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"...when you're looking at a piece of furniture and falling in love with it... and then you open the door or drawer and there's something inside that just takes you by surprise!" 


“Ah-Ha Moments are all about the unexpected,” says Melanie Dunn, Caracole Product Design Specialist. “It may be a special feature, a unique mix of materials or a creative name—they’re some of the little touches that make Caracole unique.” 

More than just a stunning accent piece with a gorgeous starburst motif in its mahogany top, the Catch A Glimpse table creates an Ah-Ha Moment in any space. Its clever design includes a lower mirrored shelf that reflects a stunning painting on the underside of the table’s top. Delicate chinoiserie painted cherry blossoms peek out of the bottom of this table as you walk by it. A hand-carved scalloped apron, brass banding, and Gold Bullion ferrules complete its appeal.


Ah-Ha Moments are particularly meaningful when they offer something never before seen. In Awesome Blossom old world meets modern-day with a stunning chest that brings beauty into the third dimension. Look closely and you’ll see its brilliant gold-leaf façade features a floral motif brought to life with beautiful Swarovski crystals strategically placed in the center of a few key blossoms. “We handpicked the shades of each of these crystals and placed them so the piece almost winks at you as you walk by,” explains Melanie. 

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The beauty of these special touches is that they make you think: "How clever, I wonder who thought of that?"
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Thoughtful design touches are also a source of meaningful Ah-Ha Moments. It might be a hidden storage compartment in a chest, a lined jewelry tray in a dresser, a drop-down work area in a cabinet or a finished shelf at the back of a sectional that includes a power outlet so you can charge your devices. The beauty of these special touches is they make you think: “How clever, I wonder who thought of that?”


Luxurious touches are found throughout the Caracole line and have come to be a favorite feature over the years. Opening a drawer to find it’s not only fully finished—but it also features a gorgeous pattern hand-selected to complement the piece—is always a source of delight. 

"That's when the magic happens. It's an ah-ha moment for us too!"


Interestingly, many of these special design elements emerge organically during the design process. Like artists working with an extraordinary palette of materials, finishes, and options, they mix and create as part of the process. “A lot of Ah-Ha Moments happen when we’re ‘playing’ with the products,” says Melanie. “That’s when the magic happens. It’s an Ah-Ha Moment for us too.”

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