What's The Story? | X-Factor: Design Innovation


While the distinctive beauty of Caracole furniture is what attracts you first, our design innovation provides the story behind the style. In fact, it’s one of the 10 X-Factors we’re highlighting this year during our 10th anniversary.

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“Design innovation is the story behind the style”

Innovating Design

With a team of the industry’s leading furniture engineers and craftsmen, our product development team works behind the scenes to produce the special touches that make Caracole designs so unique. 

“Here at Caracole, design innovation comes in many forms,” explains  Cavin Cox, VP of Product Development. “It might be a lighted nightstand with cordless charging and cord management, or it could be a luxe design element you didn’t expect to see, like a quilted fabric-lined drawer.”

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"... we're using technology to ensure the beauty, durability and value of our furniture."
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The Vision

Since our design innovations involve everything from one-of-a-kind silhouettes and thoughtful functionality to exotic veneers and multi-step finishes, the process from the drawing board to the factory is complex. “We take the designers’ vision and find the best way to produce it,” explains Cox. It may be a special stone they’ve requested that has to be sourced or a unique color or pattern that’s never been done before or a special veneer that has to be processed a specific way to achieve the ideal color. “Caracole is always raising the bar with its materials and finishes—and we’re using technology to ensure the beauty, durability and value of our furniture.”

Delivering The Promise

Today’s manufacturing innovations even extend to the challenge of designing and packaging oversize furnishings for safe delivery. “Particularly for our online retailers, we’re always working to find the most effective ways to pack and ship our furniture—especially our larger pieces,” says Cox. Caracole’s technological innovation also supports a collaborative design process, explains Cox. “One of my favorite parts is seeing a piece all the way through production and then when it gets here, and we display it at market in all its glory—that’s what’s really fulfilling.”

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