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Over 21
COLLECTION: Modern Craftsman Dining Room
DIMENSIONS IN INCHES: 61.5W x 18.75D x 37.75H
DIMENSIONS IN CENTIMETERS: 156.21W x 47.63D x 95.89H
Over 21 is designed for those who appreciate the fine nuances of a good bourbon. A stately combination of finishes gives this chest masculine sensibility. The cabinet is finished in Graphite while the doors are rendered in a Natural Walnut with recessed integrated door pulls covered in Craftsman Bronze. With the bourbon connoisseur in mind, the credenza’s interior is custom fitted for all your needs. The left-hand and center doors open to reveal a shelf that holds a removable bar tray finished in Graphite and fitted with an antique mirror bottom. Two pullout drawers offer storage for your favorite brands, mixers and bar essentials. Behind the right-hand door are four drawers with custom-scaled compartments to hold a variety of cocktail glasses. Over 21 offers a distinctive way to organize and entertain from any room in the house.
  • Three doors.
  • Behind left doors: one antique mirror pull-out drawer that doubles as a tray.
  • Pull-out liquor bottle tray.
  • One drawer with three dividers.
  • Behind right door: Four drawers; First drawer with removable divider.
  • Second drawer with removable divider.
  • Third drawer with divider.
  • Fourth drawer with divider.
  • Antique mirror pull-out drawer: 31.5”W x 12”D x 2.25”H.
  • Pull-Out Liquor Bottle Tray: 30.5”W x 12”D x 6”H.
  • One Drawer with three Dividers: 30.25”W x 12.25”D x 4.5”H.
  • Four drawers; First drawer: 12.5"W x 12"D x 2"H with Removable divider.
  • Second drawer: 12.5"W x 12.5"D x 4"H with Removable divider.
  • Third drawer: 12.5"W x 12.5"D x 6"H with divider. Fourth drawer: 12.5"W x 12.5"D x 2"H with divider.
Natural Walnut
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