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Ladies Choice
COLLECTION: Caracole Classic
Dimensions In Inches: 21.25W x 25.25D x 37H
Dimensions In Centimeters: 53.98W x 64.14D x 93.98H
Mimicking one of Caracole’s most popular dining chair silhouettes, this oval-back chair offers all the important details that you know and love, like the starburst pattern on the back of the chair. It has a narrower, more petite scale, at 21-inches wide, for smaller spaces or more friends. An oval back in Go With The Grain mahogany and a flirty, curvy leg are finished in Espresso Bean. The seat is upholstered in a soft and shimmery dressy chenille.
  • Wood frame with upholstered seat and front of oval back.
  • Oval back is finished in Go With The Grain starburst pattern.
  • Chairs are individually priced.
  • Chairs are packaged and sold 2 per carton.
Espresso Bean
Go With The Grain
Fabric: 2427 34CC
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