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Artisans Chair
COLLECTION: Modern Artisan Dining room
Dimensions In Inches: 21W x 25D x 39.5H
Dimensions In Centimeters: 53.34W x 63.50D x 100.33H
A little touch of matte gold ensures this timeless chair a seat at any modern table. High back, classic lines and neat tailoring, with a dashing dose of luxe. Rear legs gently slope backwards and are forged in a statement-making matte gold artisan metal. Upholstered in a luxurious microfiber suede known for its durability and stain resistance in a rich chamois color. For a flawless look in the dining room, pull this chair up to one of the Artisan dining tables.
  • Seat Width: 21 Seat Depth: 18
  • Chairs are individually priced.
  • Chairs are packaged and sold one per carton.
Artisan Metal
Fabric: 2279 44CC
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